Urganch Bakhmal LLC has been one of the leading manufacturers of 100% cotton fabrics for over 17 years. During this time, the company has gained extensive experience in working with different types of textile fabrics and has established partnerships with companies from various countries in the CIS and Europe.
Today, Urganch Bakhmal produces a wide range of products, including:
1) Digitally printed fabrics - Diagonal, Percale, Poplin, Muslin, Satin, Twill, and Stripe satin.
2) Printed on pigment rotary - Calico, Waffle, Diagonal Poplin, Percale Muslin, Picanol Matting, STB Matting, Satin, Twill, Stripe, and Flannel.
3) Smooth-dyed - Calico Waffle Diagonal Percale Poplin Muslin Picanol STB Satin Twill Stripe Flannel.
4) Bleached - Calico Waffle Diagonal Percale Poplin Muslin Matting Picanol Stb Satin Twill Strip Flannel.We also produce fabrics with special coatings and workwear fabrics on a large scale. Our workwear fabrics are made not only from 100% cotton but also from blended fabrics. The production capacity of our company is 3.5 million cubic meters per month.
In addition to fabrics, we also offer finished products with the following production capacity per month:
1) PBC - 100,000 units
2) Kitchen sets (towels, potholders, mittens, aprons) - 100,000 sets
3) Tablecloths - 30,000 pieces
These numbers represent just a fraction of our capabilities. We are able to produce even more if needed.